Our petition to save lives



It’s been a while since putting any new blog posts up, but we are now in that limbo period of awaiting Sandwell council’s actions, and whether it intends to pursue “non-lethal methods” that we have been campaigning for.

Of course their own heavily biased pro cull questionnaire concluded that people did not want to see further culls of geese.

A recent Express and Star story, where I was asked for an update, confirms that the petition handed in on the same day as the results of the questionnaire were discussed at the scrutiny meeting will be discussed by the cabinet petitions committee. This currently consists of Crompton the culler, Khatun the councillor for Tipton Green who puts on fundays on in Victoria park in financial benefit to a charity where she is paid as CEO , and new acting leader of the council Steve Eling. Fat chance then that this petition will be given consideration by impartial people.

The online poll tied to the Express and Star story is concerning in that it gives the reader the option of deciding the fate of living creatures with the simple cold click of the finger, unlike the breaking of vertebrae.

One is reminded of the Nazi concentration camp guards who decided on whether those passing through the gates of hell should live or die, with a simple pointing of the thumb. In one direction instant death, the other a slow death. All part of the dehumanisation I’m afraid.

For whatever reason local media appear unwilling to print the truth about Satchwell’s lies and the Sandwell council maladministration. I suppose we will have to wait for the ombudsman ruling on the complaint, but this has already been admitted by the council. If they ignore it after that, one can only draw conclusions about the impartial integrity¬† when they protect the guilty, yet expose the innocent to further violence.

The online petition is still running and can be signed,

Here’s a reminder of some comments made by signatories put to pictures as to why we think that geese deserve life and not death.








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