Gone Satchwell!



For some time there had been speculation as to what had happened to the architect of the goose culls in Sandwell– senior Parks manager John Satchwell Snr.  It now transpires that he has officially “retired” and is no employed by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.

But this official line appears to ignore allegations of a very serious nature concerning the sale of council owned property. We are aware that the police spent some time at Jubilee Park in Tipton questioning staff about these allegations shortly before the parks manager went “on the box”, or was it gardening leave? Around the same time, Ex Sandwell Mayor and Great Bridge Councillor Derek Rowley didn’t stand for re-election in the ward. How very coincidental.


Indeed it is also of note that Ex councillor Rowley was also in charge of Maria Crompton’s equivalent department at one stage, but what role did he have to play in any culls I wonder? She has also now lost her cabinet position as Cabinet member for Highways and Environment, in what appears to be the political game of thrones playing out at The Oldbury Kremlin. Indeed it is difficult to see how as head of the parks service area she could possibly have survived , if these investigations show any culpability. We already know she made untruthful statements on Radio WM immediately after the goose culls came to light, and only then after my freedom of information request after Satchwell and others had repeatedly lied.

Regardless of what has exactly transpired here , let’s hope that the rozzers do a proper investigation. The Cooper era at Sandwell council is crumbling before our eyes, and  it is not before time that the rot was cleared out.





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