A Christmas Carrolled- Special delivery for Jan Britton

The long running Ombudsman report saga recommended that I be paid £150 for the time and trouble I had been put to in uncovering the council officer’s lies. It was made quite clear to the Ombudsman that I rejected this and this was included in the report.


So imagine my surprise to receive a letter from the chief executive of Sandwell council Jan Britton and a cheque for £150 in the post. What a generous man!


…It was an awfully kind offer but….

Obviously the boss of SMBC has either not read this part of the report or maybe just wanted to put me to a bit more time and trouble in returning it to sender, which I duly have by hand delivery to Sandwell HQ.





Hopefully he may find time to read my six page letter over the festive season and reflect on the contents, and though it may not be gold, frankincense or myrrh, perhaps the good people of Sandwell ,(well some of them), are now better off to the tune of 150 nicker. (Should go towards another top officer failure pay off).

I had considered accepting his very kind offer or donating it to an animal welfare charity, but then that would be a total sell out and this is tax payer’s money after all as a result of the actions of  bent  Sandwell council officers for which he is ultimately responsible.  Having seen several animal rescue organisations who do not profit from the hard work they do, I would think less of them if they would even have accepted the purse of soiled silver given the circumstances from which it was accrued.


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