The ignorance of Jan Britton

Back in December I delivered a cheque back to Sandwell council house, the one that the chief executive of Sandwell council Jan Britton had sent me, despite The upheld Ombudsman complaint stating that I did not want it.

It appears clear that Britton had not read the Ombudsman report, which is now available on the Ombudsman website.  The key agreed action from this states the following at points

agreed action

“The Council will review how it records its decisions so its reasons are clear.”

As far as I am concerned this refers to how the council records decisions period and not just related to this case, yet it is quite clear to see that no officer in the council along with any councillor has respected the Ombudsman’s agreed action. There has been no review at all, and this is clear to see from looking at the council’s CMIS system. Accordingly I have written to the Ombudsman to report this.

But not only has the chief executive officer of Sandwell council not bothered to investigate how the ludicrous Darren Cooper deceased and his crooked cabinet was running the council without recording any decisions, he has ignorantly failed to even respond to my letter which accompanied his unwanted cheque. This also highlighted how someone from within the corrupt parks department had lied about culling in a freedom of information request.


To recap the letter I pointed out

  • how four officers of the council had lied
  • I was sent email of staged pictures which have never been explained as to why geese were being “released”
  • The contractors of the council lied, but are they going to use these liars services again in the future?
  • how the council failed to record any aspect of the divisive decision and without any public consultation. ·         The officer report written by the man in charge of parks at the time appeared to have no recorded genesis as to how it was suggested to be written

    ·         No mention is made of which parks culling should take place in- just a recommendation of “two”

    ·         No mention is made of the fact that these two parks just happened to be the park in which the former parks manager lived, and the other in which his son of the same name found himself a job as “project manager”

    ·         No record of the decision was made at any Council meeting

    ·         No record of any member approving the action in 2013 was taken

    ·         No record of any member approving culling in 2014 was recorded

    So in light of none of this apparently being looked at and following the Ombudsman’s action, it’s obviously  just corrupt business as usual at Sandwell MBC under the same man who was totally blind to all of this as well as apparently everything else going on in the rotten borough. It was recently revealed in The Express and Star that

    “Sandwell Council chief executive Jan Britton was paid £156,942 in 2015-16, slightly down from £157,192 the previous year.”


    The perfect skills for the job in running Sandwell council

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