A new bird in town- Avianengers assemble

Gooseman was under pressure, he couldn’t do it all. Fighting crime and political grime and stopping culls had taken their toll, so he decided to go on a vacation and get a nose job. Even Worzel Gummidge and Doctor Who had more than one regeneration.


New head

Refreshed and revitalised he approached an old allie- Swanderwoman to help him out at the Go wild Birmingham wildlife festival. He was after all in the vicinity of rogues next to the council house, and he had heard there may be some dodgy characters in the area,  with the event being held this year in Victoria Square.

A stall selling cards and advocating local environmental issues was manned.


Don’t even think about it Mr Fox!


But it wasn’t long before gooseman wanted a gander at the square, and he had also brought with him a sign.



He hoisted up the sign as high as it would go. Hopefully the bureaucrats and politicians in Birmingham would not be talking abut “being in favour” of culls anytime soon.

But as he mingled for selfies with the crowd, he was about to be upstaged. Enter Swanderwoman from stage door left.



The dynamic duo

Swanderwoman had arrived and the diva began to party centre stage. More Abu Ghraib stationed than BabeStation, this is one Brexit B’yatch ass kicking dame. But she couldn’t give a zig a zig ahhh as she started dancing with some of the locals. Well- those coppers always do it at the carnivals.





Shaking that ass


But who was this “Victoria” bird- surely not one of her idols from the 1990’s!

Autograph hunter

But swanny spice was disappointed when she learnt it was just an old queen that was in the square.




After posing for several selfies they met some drummers.


Before heading for the fluzy in the jacuzzi, minus the water.


The adventure was soon all over, and after listening to passionate speeches from a variety of animal welfare advocates and campaigners , braving fierce gale force winds and scoffing down a burger from the vegan grindhouse, there was one  last meeting in the square with ironman.




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