Rising for wildlife

It’s June and that means the annual gathering in Birmingham to celebrate wildlife in all its various forms at The Birmingham Wildlife Festival. This was the fourth year that we have attended and it always offers a variety of stalls and guest speakers fused with musical interludes.


The stall provided information about Canada geese and their efficacy highlighting how the much maligned species does not deserve such a negative label as “pest species”.


It wasn’t long before Gooseman, the Park Knight appeared to lend a hand with proceedings. This was Gooseman’s fourth appearance at the festival also, but it still seems that some people think he’s a penguin in disguise. :roll:


Gooseman made his debut at the festival  in 2015 swiftly followed by a little more exploring in 2016 , though I still have no idea as to what was going on here! Last year he invited swanderwoman to join him.

This year however he was flying solo, posing for selfies, high fiving and on his best behaviour given that the rossers were nearby.

S9560006He also met Brenda the badger and Tigerman whilst perusing the other stalls.

It wasn’t long however before he got a little bored and set off in search of food.



But suddenly a plethora of furry characters appeared as if by magic. With the world cup on, gooseman wondered if these were invading Russian ultras cunningly disguised. If these rufty toughty football firm mafiosa are ultras “till they die” , does that make them always ultras?  pondered gooseman? 😆





But gooseman needn’t have worried as these were no football hooligans , it was just the Birmingham furs doing a walkthrough in celebration of the same cause.




Foxes, cats, phoenix’s , goats and who knows what else offered a truly anthropomorthic feeling around Victoria Square.

But as his new found friends departed Gooseman saw what he thought was an egg and decided to try and hatch it.

Must have been oiled he thought, as it failed to hatch- still at least there were no chance of any culls of wildlife taking place in the square given the people and superheroes gathered there in support of celebrating compassion and advocacy of the natural world.


Till next year……………..

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