A “reply” by Adrian Bailey MP


So a reply to the email originally sent on  7th September (no reply), and then resent by letter to the MP for West Bromwich West which covers Victoria Park Tipton. I asked a number of questions of the two MPs, the other being Tom Watson of West Bromwich East that covers Dartmouth park and Sandwell Valley- where the birds were taken to and killed on  Forge Mill Farm. I also asked for something that most people have, one way or another on this issue, and also about Canada geese in general. AN OPINION.

Frankly what we get here is absolutely nothing. Talking to a brick wall or a garden knome for that matter might have yielded an actual thought, but nothing from this former Sandwell councillor, whose secretary is Maria Crompton- culler in chief of geese at this evil council. The words are hers, and we have heard them already regarding “humane” killing.

We now know of course that the geese were reported to have had their necks broken, according to a freedom of information request response that has been several weeks in the making. (More on this next week). The same councillor however was unable on live radio to state how the birds were killed, which leaves one with the impression that this story is one of ongoing invention after some thought by a number of different parties, which may involve Natural England and even the police for that matter.

The company carrying out the murder of geese do not need to be “licenced”. There is no such thing here, but it sounds good doesn’t it. The council or company need a “general licence”, but are not in themselves licenced. The same MP responded in a similar vein concerning rattlechain lagoon, that has killed dozens of birds through industrial poisoning by a Langley firm, both in his constituency. That company were also “licensed”… to spill. That the current  deputy mayor of Dudley, and a former Mayor of Sandwell’s wife work for and used to work for the company and are both members of the Labour party, does that come into it… no surely not?

Direct questions asked in our open letter included

“I would therefore appreciate your views on this matter from this open letter, and I am not asking you to write a pointless letter to Sandwell council for their rehashed lies about Canada geese and invented complaints that they cite to justify this senseless slaughter and misappropriation of taxpayers money. Do you support Sandwell council’s actions in this matter regarding their killing of Canada geese- this is a yes or no answer- there cannot be any half way house.”

“I would like your views on this specific LAWS (labour animal welfare society)proposal- do you support their view without any fence sitting caveats to justify Sandwell councils disgraceful cull of wildlife?
Sandwell council with this action have undertaken a Conservative approach and would appear to have done exactly the same in power as this Government. TELL ME IF THIS IS LABOUR IN POWER IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT THEN WHY SHOULD I TRUST ANYTHING THEY SAY ABOUT ANIMAL WELFARE WHEN IN POWER NATIONALLY?”

Rather than trash the man, I will just leave it to people’s own judgement, preferably through the ballot box next year, as to whether this reveals anyone with any opinion, or one who feels compelled to put on record his on the murder of Canada geese by Sandwell Labour council.


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