The geese go marching in- Severn Trent Water raw sewage pollution petition delivered



And so it was that an intrepid gaggle headed for Coventry to hand in the online petition to the disgusting Severn Trent Water- the raw sewage polluters of Smethwick Hall Park. The parallel Sandwell council petition was handed in to SMBC  and is now going through their processes.

We arrived at St John’s Street, home to Severn stench and also their used contaminated land sewage works sell off offshoot “Midlands Land Portfolio”- which they inherited but now flog off for profit from the former nationalised water sector. (None of the land is ever properly decontaminated before they flog it- as has been seen by the dodgy deal at Friar Park near Bescot which has now been snapped up for housing – paid for by taxpayer).

Gooseman and the gang got down to business, and readied their props.






It was obvious that the staff were instantly thrown into a bit of a flap, and we were met by a poe-faced reception- the usual crap about “private property”- although they don’t seem to mind about causing unnecessary suffering and pollution on public property. JUST TO EMPHASISE THAT THERE WAS NO SHOUTING OR VOCAL COMMENTARY FROM ANYONE HANDING IN THE PETITION, AND WE WERE COURTEOUS AT ALL TIMES. 

Anyone would think that armed with a stop sign and a handy converted swan hook bog roll dispenser that we were trying to stick them up.  😆


Stand and delivered- petition for their lives

save smeth1

Not only were the staff abrupt and rude, but also barked “who were you expecting to see”. Answer- “No one, we just came to hand in this petition”.  😮

There was also some crap about filming inside the building, well whoops……


Having finally appeared to seek information about what it was about from someone upstairs, I handed them the petition, and the enclosed letter to CEO Liv Garfield which describes that background to this issue. But even though the envelope made clear as to who it was addressed to, they still opened the contents to look at the letter. I mean I haven’t cultivated any bio hazardous wastes in ….years.  :roll:


cosplay time

I also asked for a receipt of delivery, which of course, along with the documentary evidence of handing in this petition to this  company means that they cannot be seen to just put it through the shredders. The receipt refers to the petition only, and not the letter, but let it be clear that this letter was handed in for the CEO to read, and this is why it is an open letter which can be read below.


The main points of this are

  • A full description of the events leading to the raw sewage pollution and the linked deaths of birds.
  • Severn Trent’s denials juxtaposed with their obscene profits of £525 million in 2018– over £2 million of which Liv Garfield pocketed herself.
  • A request for a meeting with her and Sandwell council to discuss this matter
  • Calling upon Severn Trent to reimburse Sandwell council to properly clear up this raw sewage pollution.


I also copied into this letter Sandwell cabinet members Councillor Maria Crompton and Councillor Wasim Ali (who is also the ward member for Smethwick which covers the affected pool).

I am unsure of what if any action SMBC are intending to take to the damage caused to their and our park by the “reckless” Severn Trent Water, but it is clear that Max Cookson, who was (not) dealing with this matter has now left Sandwell council.

Severn Trent have not only lied about their involvement in this whole affair publicly and its affect on the birds, but they have also erased legitimate and non offensive comments made by concerned members of the public about this matter on their facebook page.


There are other comments on this page from disgruntled customers about the “service” received from this dire water polluter.


You’ll be waiting a long time for this reckless company to act.


What nasty behaviour!


This private façade is in direct contrast to the utter corporate drivel of “corporate code of conduct” responsibility that the Coventry crapsters claim to promote from their public face. One wonders if they have tears rolling down their cheeks like Lily Allen when they wrote and read back the prospectus , yet never really act on what they claim in practice. Just a few sentences here which people who are aware of what happened in Smethwick can see if they agree with.  😡


It can take just one bad decision to damage the trust that our customers, communities, investors, regulators and colleagues have in us, so please do take the time to read and review this guide regularly and help us to achieve our vision of being the most trusted water company by 2020.”

DIRECT QUOTE FROM CEO LIV GARFIELD- Let’s see if she acts on the information that has hopefully been passed to her from her failing colleagues on the front line, and “does the right thing”. 


None of these have occurred in Smethwick, but it is noted that if you rearrange the first letters of the highlighted words you almost get “CRAPIE.” lol.

Let’s see if the CEO of this company displays some “environmental leadership” and we do not have to return to this place in greater numbers. Now there’s a really good idea…  😈


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