Migratory “Avian Flu”- DEFRA and the UK Government are lying to you

We appear to be in the grip of a catastrophic scenario in the UK for geese and swans, apparently caused by “avian flu”. Thousands have died and continue to die due to unexplained circumstances, unexplained because smaller birds who share the same waterways, eat the same foods and who mix freely with larger birds are NOT dying in anything like the same numbers, if at all.

That strikes me as being very odd indeed, when I have seen death in several forms,over many years, due to contaminated waterbodies, and it is not as species specific as this. I am not alone in this observation, but as yet, I have not seen anyone state this publicly, or question the narrative that this is not really “avian flu” at all, but something more sinister which appears to be DNA targeted towards larger anseriformes. Whatever it is, I know that it is not a naturally occurring illness, and will challenge anyone to prove that it is when confronted with the numbers of birds that are dying in this category, when smaller birds are not.

Officially, The Animal and Plant Health Agency, carry out surveillance of diseases in wild birds, including the various strains of avian flu. Unfortunately, they do not post mortem every bird and so large numbers of birds that have died are just assumed to be victims of the same disease. In this regard, what is occurring is a cull by the back door, either from death, when no measures are taken to try to prevent illness spreading, or by organisations like the RSPCA carrying out mass euthanasia of anything which cannot outrun their boat- regardless of whether it had AI or not!

The same policy appears to be championed by DEFRA via the APHA, with uninfected birds that may have been on the same premises as those who were infected being slaughtered for no good reason. This was the case at Wychbold Swan Rescue in Worcestershire, where only 3 birds out of around 46 tested positive for AI in 2020, yet all were murdered by the APHA hit squad. The same site had the first recorded case in the new season, but this was obviously from a bird that had been brought in from a different area, in this case thought to be Herefordshire.


Unfortunately, as I have alluded, all dead birds are not being surveyed, but just a selection, and there are other diseases transmissible between unnaturally caged and farmed birds – and one in particular called Virulent Newcastle disease. The UK Government claim that the last reported outbreak in the country occurred in 2006.

It is this disease which I believe is really circulating amongst wild birds in the UK. The reported symptoms shown on the Government website and ones I have seen myself are a perfect match, and there appears to be a blending of terms like “fowl pest” used to describe both AI and formerly Newcastle Disease. I do wonder if this is entirely deliberate. I would add to this that the birds are appearing to go blind, which may partially explain why they appear to swim in circles when detached from the flock.


Newcastle Disease is almost entirely associated with the breeding of factory farmed fowl, and it is for this reason why I believe that Government agencies are lying about the real cause of deaths of the wild birds. Those in this vile and cruel industry always blame migratory birds for bringing such illnesses into the country, yet cannot explain how their supposed biosecurity on their holocaust extermination sites (farms) get in to affect their economic commodity, from which they are compensated by the tax payer. It is easy to blame wildlife of course, as the farmers and agricultural industry have with bovine TB being spread by badgers, when it is the other way around.

There is also a “vaccine” available for this particular illness, and I wonder if it became endemic in the wild bird population, how much its value would increase for the food production sector? One might say it would be beneficial for those producing said vaccine if this scenario somehow happened?  😉

The APHA published official findings for “high pathogenic avian flu”- note how they have introduced “variants” with seemingly everything , which can be read at the link below.

Investigations associated with the 2020/21 highly pathogenic avian influenza epizootic in wild birds in Great Britain (wiley.com)

Since then , this season the level of deaths attributed to this amongst wild birds has been described as “unprecedented” by Government vets, with over 4,000 Barnacle geese alone reported to have perished in Scotland.

Unfortunately, the response by DEFRA has been abysmal in terms of dealing with the outbreak in wild birds, not least explaining why certain types of birds are dying. They appear concerned with captive birds only and the food chain, that is for those who consume these diseased farm animals to their stupidity.

There are two reasons why I both distrust and remain sceptical about academia and science dictating policy.


I was involved in bringing to light the unexplained and unnatural deaths on a hazardous waste lagoon- rattlechain lagoon in Tividale. Despite the known contents- principally white phosphorus which had been dumped there , all the agencies associated supposedly with keeping safe the environment and human health dithered and procrastinated that it was something else. Their incompetence and hubris in being unable to see that science was to blame for the deaths , from failed scientists who thought it would be safe to dump a banned rat poison into an open air lake left a big impression on me, when I had to fight for the birds and their deaths and severe distress caused to be taken seriously- by those who believed the science was safe.

Failed scientists dream up the deaths of wild birds with their unnatural chemical waste

12 birds from 5 different species were eventually confirmed to have been poisoned with white phosphorus, dumped by a multinational chemical company with political friends, and no doubt those in the British Civil service.

The clinical signs being shown in so called “AI” at present are not unlike those dying from white phosphorus in terms of swimming in circles and twisting necks, but whereas poisoning of this type was indiscriminate of species, what is happening at present is appearing entirely species specific. (NB, all birds tested at this time at rattlechain were confirmed negative when tested for AI).

Not only were those at the VLA, as it was then known found out, they also attempted to stop me finding out the truth, as this email obtained through FOI demonstrates.


You can also read about the super group of idiots calling themselves The Chemical Hazards and Identification Risk Surveillance group HERE, which reveals more of the same incompetence and unwillingness of these people to realise that failed science, and failed scientists were to blame for the deaths of these birds. Somehow , when they cannot pin it on natural order they don’t appear to like it when their own are found to be entirely responsible.


Science is now apparently dictated by billionaire philanthropists with an apparent Chinese fetish.

Avian Flu originated in this country and this part of the world, and their experimentation with animal zoonotic diseases for so called “gain of function” research, seemingly funded by Western Governments is worse than anything any Nazi doctors experimented on during the 1940’s. These people are truly the most evil scum, on the planet, and they will be the death of us all. But their God complex is only the same as their paymasters who fund them. You will see for example the name “Johns Hopkins” associated with table top role play scenarios concerning pandemics- from which these people appear obsessed, along with developing vaccinations- particularly for use in the third world, but now of course everyone.

Hopkins was from the evil cult known as “The Society of Friends”, along with many others of this calculating clan, forming monopolies over trade and then using fake philanthropy to buy their way into the world and attempt to shape it in their own warped image.  Albright and Wilson, whose lagoon poisoned birds were also Quakers. But they are also arch hypocrites who have misinformation written about them by their latter day rimmers protecting their made up benevolent legacy- Hopkins was a slave owner, yet fake history writes he was an abolitionist.

The other thing about these people and those billionaire philanthropists, who are of course not doctors, is their love of the ideas of the paedophile white supremacist nonce and creator of the fake pseudoscience of eugenics – Frances Galton. 

Galton was obsessed with the Chinese race also and its advancement in the world, and supplanting the African race whom he deemed lazy and inferior with chinamen in Africa. I have written more about this HERE. 

The link with birds is that one such table top exercise of this cult of eugenicists was written in 2010 involving a fictitious pandemic involving wild geese. This was written by an organisation linked to one of the most evil families in history- The Rockefellers.

Rockefeller Foundation

You have to be very naive indeed to dismiss ideas funded by billionaires with multiple agents across the world as “conspiracy theories”, when it suits their agenda and financial gain to create such a scenario played out for real.  Is DNA targeted extermination of a species of animal a table top role play for potential race extermination of humans, or an exercise in seeing what might happen if the “enemy” side developed such a bio weapon?

Read the book A higher form of killing  and you will see just how Governments and their agents construct webs of lies around their satanic science, and an even greater ring of steel around institutions who promote the idea of “deadly plague” and “vaccine” to stop it.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, I do not care. What I do know is the difference between right and wrong, and these people are as wrong as anyone could be- their science is their religion, and this religion is evil.



Two very ill geese at Tipton

As soon as the situation became clear as to what was happening in Chasewater and parts of Northern Walsall, I contacted the council to take urgent action, backed up by further lobbying with telephone calls and more emails.

It can be clearly seen here what I asked for, but the council had just put out some rather useless information about containing captive birds, as though the public themselves were the only ones that should be doing anything proactive.


To date, their response has been woeful, but is it also deliberate to try to fob me off with excuses, just as they did for weeks when birds were dying at the parks in Smethwick from botulism caused by the Severn Trent faecal attack and they could not be arsed to put up a fence for over six weeks, during which time many more birds became ill and died, and the effects spread to other parks.

They appear to revert to “DEFRA guidance”, whatever that is, which as we have seen has been incompetent nationally to date. SMBC officers stated to me that they were informed of the positive test for HPAI on 1st December, with the goose from Victoria Park Tipton being collected on 22nd November. They claim that DEFRA had instructed them not to release this information, yet I can see no viable reason why they would prevent information about public health not being put into the public domain.

It was claimed that the council had had meetings with several bodies, including, amongst others UKSA, the RSPCA and The Canal and Rivers Trust. I asked why I had not been included in any meetings, given my knowledge of bird movements and direct observation of these in the wider West Midlands. The answer I received was fairly flat. I was obviously excluded because they did not want me there. So much then for the positive meeting we had with interim director Nick Austin, who has now left the council.

Furthermore, I asked relevant questions of the so called “water team”, who have for the last 18 months of their existence done precious little work in any of the sites in Sandwell, due largely to excuses about “water training” from managers. Again I was fobbed off and told, obviously by instruction that “everything had to go through DEFRA.” They would not even give me the numbers of birds that had died in the park, or elsewhere, making it impossible for me to gage the extent of the situation.

Let’s be clear here, that from their cosy work from home office, SMBC managers have not got a fucking clue about bird movements or knowledge of them, so what hope of gaining any insight through their closed door meetings? I have to state that the RSPCA appear to have the same aloof disregard of people who rescue wildlife and are not part of a uniformed paramilitary style attired garments, giving themselves the titles associated with police forces starting at “Inspector”. They of course have no such legal powers, and have failed me before in investigating animal cruelty where the evidence I presented and went out of my way to obtain was clear.

I have of course been here before with SMBC and  the infamous goose cull in the same park, and where the architect of that cull, with his vested personal interest in organising it, instructed others to lie to me and not give me any information, whilst he attempted to also instruct the council to cover up his corrupt lies by sanctioning my lawful right to information! If this was not a matter that should have been dealt with by his senior manager, the monitoring officer and the politicians themselves in Sandwell at the time, then I do not know what one is. Of course all those copied into this email who complied and those above him who let it go were just as corrupt as him for not taking disciplinary action against him at this time and failing to see what he was attempting to do. 


I obtained this after many months putting in a subject access request.


The situation has now got out of control in this park, and sick birds have flown out from and died in other locations. It was not controlled and the management of this has been abysmal. Even now, they have not banned fishing.

none disinfected nets could spread disease if used in multiple locations.

It seems like another cull by the back door to me- just blame it on “migratory birds”- it’s the script that DEFRA wrote.

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