CG2022 – Covering over the shit cracks

The Commonwealth Games is a ghastly bloated festival for the privileged, elite sport types and those who still think that Britain has any meaningful power in the world- which it does not.

The fact that it should come to Birmingham- or a much wider area of The West Midlands County which many want to recreate as “Greater Birmingham” is in itself perverted and disrespectful of those who identity as living in “The Black Country” , and are not and never will be governed by some epicentre claiming to be “the second city”- which it also is not either.

Just advertising space for a polluting environmental terrorist corporate entity.

Smethwick in particular, which has found itself as the host of the aquatics events in the newly built construction in the middle of a housing estate is typical of those out of touch with reality who plan such abominations. If you ever visit Wembley Stadium, you will note  what an absolute shit hole Brent is , with this sports Mecca sitting like an out of place palace in the middle, and the disconnect between millionaires who sit in private boxes and those living in council houses that are probably smaller and with less mod cons. The aquatics centre itself is another of these out of place white elephant buildings for the upper levels of society to grace whilst the rest of us orbit from outside like some demented Quaker Garden City. It will not even be open to the public for over a year, by which time even more money will have been wasted to condense it in size.

But not content with creating this monstrosity and destroying Londonderry fields in the process, it appears that the organisers of the CG22 and SMBC have attempted to do a quick DIY makeover with banners of bright pretty colours to block out the eyesore spectacles around the new building. So as can be seen below, the Manor Road allotments site virtually opposite has been blanked out by these Josephs in full technicolour glee multi-coloured nappies to blot out the blots on the landscape. ]


Not only here however, but along part of the route which will see the arrival of  The Queen’s dildo, er sorry baton. I’m sure her maj is not getting that much wood these days, but this is just one part of the false “inclusion” of local people, with the same clique of minor celebrities and those with a hard luck story being drafted in to take part in the “relay”. The royal receptacle is shaped like a weapon and not a flame, similar to those that natives no doubt were brutally beaten with by invaders from Britain before being put in chains.


The most offensive part of this is the decking of Smethwick Hall Park with this material, a site where the wildlife was murdered by Severn Trent’s sewage pollution in 2019, which flowed through the allotments , and which pollution still arrives in this collection vessel today.


Yep, I’ll remind people of this in every single post mentioning Severn Stench Water.


A Sandwell park pool contaminated with raw sewage by sponsors of the CGS22 Severn Trent Water



In, er Sandwell


Even the mascot is associated with……. SHIT!

The area where the raw sewage was scooped out has now been grassed over by council contractors in another attempt to hide what was there. The council, as I noted at the time misinformed and lied to the public with messaging that it was “mud”


“mudbath” off Margaret Gardens


It’s amazing what a bit of grass seed can do, but beware what lies beneath, as botulism can survive in the “mud” for some time.

From street view, you will see the banners and the “sport”, but look over this into the pool and you will see unnatural nutrient loading green algae, and don’t blame the birds, because this is an indicator of human faces and bad water feeding it.

 In certain parts of Smethwick, though notably not the High Street, we also have the same treatment encompassing the two railway stations. It’s debateable as I write that the lifts at Rolfe Street will be ready for this event, but one scratches the head to wonder why it has taken so long for everyone in any position of power to ever get this basic disabled friendly feature? This is the fraud that they want to spin off public transport- that is if it is even running with strikes and other matters ongoing- such as the Midland Metro.




The Red cow missed out

What is most pathetic is that on the reverse side of some of the banners, we see “Sandwell” printed as though they are desperate to remind people as to what borough they are in. Most , particularly the 3unts from London media and the BBC will of course think they are still in Birmingham, and not really care as to what “sandwell” even is or means.





West Smethwick Park, another stones throw from the aquatics centre is still not finished with its “restoration”, despite me making two complaints to the Heritage Lottery that funded the scheme. As for the contractors Casey, I can only urge prospective clients to not touch these useless cowboy fuckers with a barge pole. The work is amateur, it is not up to standard and they have failed in almost everything on site around the pool. 


One example is this. This work was supposedly going to be finished in mid December 2021. We are now in July 2022. Until its done, better just keep jumping- maybe you”ll get fit from doing so.


Bare of any vegetation around a large part of the lake

In Birmingham itself, the Alexander stadium has been rebuilt, also shutting off large areas of the park next to it to members of the public. This has been ongoing causing inconvenience for the last few years. With little time to go it does not appear to be anywhere near ready.






The catch line “sport is just the beginning” appears , but I’m not sure what the organisers and backers of this crap actually think will be the middle and end of the story? Will the area improve, I very much doubt it, and the racks of scaffolding, no doubt hidden from camera view to the world show how this falsity is being propped up by lies and disingenuous false flag waving.



It is the case that media outlets in this country have gone to great lengths to dis the Olympic games and World Cup events in countries like China and Brazil, but do they have the balls to look at what is on their own shitty doorstep, or are they just shills for corporate entities writing copy lies for their aims?- I do think that this is largely the case, but there is one decent report that is of note that bucks this trend. Others write not as “journalists” but just PR merchants covering over the shit cracks like their political friends.

There will be people scratching their heads when the circus has left town as to what this rubbish was really all about.

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